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Oaxaca Folk Art Immersion
Books about Oaxaca and Oaxaca folk art are legion. Ah! But the folk art itself and the artists – the tin makers, the candle makers, the wood carvers, the back-strap weavers, the painters, sculptors and ceramic craftsmen – you’ve got to see it for yourself.

Mariano Sosa, Weaving Cooperative, Teotitlan del Valle.

Local Artists & Craftsmen

There are hundreds of families practicing their art in the state of Oaxaca. Many have won national and international acclaim, as well as awards, for their work. Not all, of course, have web pages or even email addresses.

Custom Folk Art Tours

* Visit homes and studios of local artists.

* Custom tours for each guest.

* Custom tours of folk art and artist studios throughout the Central Valleys of Oaxaca

* Personal, custom-made tour packages including transportation.


Tour add-ons and options

* Custom planned tours and extended itineraries at $30 USD/hr.

* Linda is a qualified docent at the Rufino Tamayo pre-hispanic art museum where private tours can be offered in English or Spanish.

* Bicycle tours


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